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Thu Mar 1 13:39:08 UTC 2018

#25393: Integration of RelaySearch
     Reporter:  iwakeh           |      Owner:  metrics-team
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     Severity:  Normal           |   Keywords:
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 RelaySearch (former Atlas) recently was integrated into Metrics code bases
 more tightly.  It is working fine, but should be adapted more to
 facilitate better maintenance in future.

 One question that needs to be decided:

 Should RelaySearch be developed as a part of metrics.tp.o that can also be
 served stand-alone, which is the current situation or just as a part of
 The latter would reduce the amount of files and maintenance for
 RelaySearch once the integration is completed, as it currently duplicates
 many parts of metrics-web (fonts, css partially, etc), which will cost
 more maintenance in future.

 This ticket should serve for the discussion of the above question and for
 deriving the next necessary steps.
 (There is also a related ticket for metrics-web, see #25392)

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