[tor-bugs] #25031 [- Select a component]: tor browser and tor mobile program not working

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Thu Jan 25 23:35:59 UTC 2018

#25031: tor browser and tor mobile program not working
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 Hey my tickets that I create keep getting deleted without a response the
 last ticket that I created was about 300-400 words long and I can't
 remember everything that I entered into the ticket creator so I'm going to
 do my best to post the bug again.

 Tor has continued to fail loading with error messages stating failed to
 take control of tor I'm also getting multiple errors with Microsoft trying
 to take over the tor network stating that there's errors with the tor
 network when I'm on the tor network after opening 2 or more tabs and they
 try to send a report to Microsoft when its got nothing to fukn do with
 Microsoft tor should be receiving the errors not Microsoft also whenever I
 connect to tor and do a search the default search engine is duckduck and
 the search engine doesn't search I just get this website which is another
 error https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/ this is the web site error I receive
 also a lot of the time I can't connect to the tor network I also have a
 program on my android device called orbot which use to be called orfox and
 neither of the programs work I think these programs are errors when I
 remember the other errors I will log in to this account and post them

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