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#23716: Rename Operation section to Services
     Reporter:  karsten          |      Owner:  metrics-team
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 While writing a roadmap for the next 12 months of metrics team work it
 occurred to us that "Operation" as title might be misunderstood as
 everything around operating our services. But what we really want to
 include there are services that we provide that are related to operating
 the Tor network. It seemed like "Services" might be a better word here,
 because what we provide there are services.

 However, I wonder if "Services" would still fit into the other categories
 then. We do provide services, but we don't provide development or research
 but instead information about development and information about research.
 Ideally, we'd find consistent names for these five or six (including
 About) categories.

 Another concern that just came to mind: if we rename the category, we'll
 have to rename the web page from `/operation.html` to `/services.html` and
 install redirects. Not impossible, but we should be sure that we want to
 do it and not undo it shortly after.

 iwakeh and irl, what do you think, should we rename it? And what do you
 think about the concerns above? Should we also ask the UX people? Or
 should we simply keep this unchanged for the moment?

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