[tor-bugs] #23016 [Applications/Tor Browser]: "Print to File" does not create the expected file in non-English locales

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#23016: "Print to File" does not create the expected file in non-English locales
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                                                 |  pospeselr
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Comment (by pospeselr):

 Replying to [comment:15 gk]:
 > Replying to [comment:14 pospeselr]:
 > > Ok, so I've gotten some similar behaviour as expressed in this bug.
 In latest Tails when attempting to save to the tor-browser folder (
 /usr/local/lib/tor-browser ) the print to file functionality seems to fail
 silently, which makes sense as the amnesia user doesn't have write
 permissions there.  However, the UI does not provide any indication of
 file write failure.  As expected, the multiprocessing option also has no
 effect in this scenario.
 > What happens if you choose a writable path?
 > > Does this error happen for y'all on 64 or 32-bit?  I've been doing all
 my testing on 64-bit so far.
 > 64-bit.

 So, interestingly enough on Tails Tor Browser  (version 7.0.6) only seems
 to be able to write to /home/amnesia/Tor\ Browser.  Other valid paths (~,
 ~/Documents, ~/media/amnesia/Disk) are not writable and any attempt to do
 so fails silently (including saving an image, saving a web-page,
 printing).  File browser also refuses to even read contents of any folder
 except for /home/amnesia/Tor\ Browser and tor's installation directory.

 The browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2 has no effect one way or the other.

 Tor Browser (version 7.0.6) does not exhibit this behaviour on my local
 install (Ubuntu 17.04), ie I can pretty much read/write anywhere that's
 consistent with folder permissions.  Is Tor Browser in Tails more
 restricted somehow?

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