[tor-bugs] #23677 [Core Tor/Tor]: Tor should log what it thinks the time is sometime(s)

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Wed Sep 27 19:32:47 UTC 2017

#23677: Tor should log what it thinks the time is sometime(s)
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 Many issues come from incorrect time/date/timezone settings. And not all
 the time does Tor log about how it believes the user's clock is wrong but
 X hours and Y minutes.

 For many linux/macos users we can ask them to tell us the output of `date
 -u` as a huge troubleshooting help. But not everyone is capable of that. A
 maybe shouldn't be expected to be.

 Two ideas:

 1. Log what Tor thinks the UTC time, local time, and configured timezone
 are at startup once

 2. Log periodically (say, every HeartbeatPeriod) what Tor thinks[... all
 the above ...]

 Bonus idea:

 Can we put the timezone in the log line's time stamp? Would that be
 enough? Is that dangerous for users? Do we make promises about parse-
 ability that we'd be breaking?

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