[tor-bugs] #22266 [Core Tor/Tor]: fix the jump-to-80% issue

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Tue Sep 19 22:33:46 UTC 2017

#22266: fix the jump-to-80% issue
 Reporter:  catalyst                |          Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect                  |         Status:  needs_information
 Priority:  High                    |      Milestone:  Tor: 0.3.3.x-final
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 Severity:  Normal                  |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  usability, ux, ux-team  |  Actual Points:
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Comment (by catalyst):

 The controller-visible bootstrap phase always starts from 0 when tor
 starts up (even if DisableNetwork is 1, I think); phase 0 is always the
 first bootstrap event sent to the control connection.  The trigger for
 reaching phase 80 is having a consensus (though not necessarily an up-to-
 date-one; this is probably a bug!) and enough descriptors to build
 circuits.  This might not happen immediately upon setting
 DisableNetwork=0.  I haven't checked all of the ways this happens -- the
 relevant bootstrap event reporting is in
 `update_router_have_minimum_dir_info()` which is called by
 `router_have_minimum_dir_info()`, and the latter gets called through
 several paths, some of which look like timer-triggered events that occur
 once per second.

 That said, I think there are several reasons to not show a bootstrap phase
 of 80 in circumstances where we currently do so:
 * The consensus might be stale, so we should download a new one.
 * We might not be able to connect to any relays.  This means we might not
 get anywhere near 80 in our current configuration, maybe not even as far
 as 10 or 20.
 * Our clock might be skewed by several hours, so we might be stuck at 80
 forever trying to download an up-to-date consensus (with very large
 exponential timeouts) and never succeeding.  (See #23508.)

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