[tor-bugs] #23101 [Core Tor/Tor]: Predict and build specific HS purpose circuits (rather than GENERAL)

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Tue Sep 19 15:02:14 UTC 2017

#23101: Predict and build specific HS purpose circuits (rather than GENERAL)
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Comment (by asn):

 One approach here is to indeed define new circuit purposes for HS
 circuits. My main fear here is that these circuit purposes are used for
 tons of things in the codebase (from circuit timeouts, to cannibalization,
 to guard stuff, to stats stuff, to basic circuit functionality state
 machine), and hence adding new purposes means that we need to find
 '''all''' the right places to consider our new purposes which I imagine is
 gonna be a PITA and perhaps error-prone...

 Another approach would be to use the `hs_ident` and `rend_data` elements
 of the `circuit_t` to distinguish HS circuits from normal circuits. That's
 what most of the code is doing to detect HS rend circuits.

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