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Sun Sep 17 22:47:09 UTC 2017

#23554: Build noscript-style toggle for svg disable?
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 Right now things like javascript and other security-related options can be
 toggled per-tab via the noscript interface, but our svg block (when the
 security slider is set to high) has no such per-tab toggle.

 Especially now that youtube has decided that svg is the way of the future,
 we should figure out a more usable way for people to retain most of their
 security while still loading youtube if they want.

 Options that come to mind:

 A) Build our own per-tag toggle interface for the svg blocker.

 B) Ask noscript to learn how to block svg, and then use its existing per-
 tab toggle interface to let you configure your svg hopes.

 C) Finish thinking about the "per-tab security slider settings" idea, and
 decide to move forward with it.

 (Idea came from discussions with Nima and Nicolas.)

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