[tor-bugs] #23517 [Metrics/Atlas]: Add aggregated results table for relays grouped by country and/or AS

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Thu Sep 14 13:13:41 UTC 2017

#23517: Add aggregated results table for relays grouped by country and/or AS
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 This feature request is inspired by #23509, which, IIUC, is about
 displaying aggregated data on a single page. However, I believe that the
 feature that I'm describing here is sufficiently different to deserve its
 own ticket. If that's not the case, feel free to merge tickets!

 It would be cool to be able to group relays in the results table by
 country, by AS, or even by both. (Not by family, because grouping by
 family can be really tricky.)

 The most common use case would be that somebody wants to learn which are
 the top 10 countries contributing to the network. Or the top 10 ASes. And
 then they might want to include only relays with the Exit flag. Or filter
 by a given country and group by AS.

 Basically, this feature would make Compass obsolete, AFAICS. The only part
 in Compass that this would not implement is the "(almost) fast exit"
 distinction, and that's not a loss.

 This feature might be combined with #23509 by including a link from an
 aggregated results table entry to an aggregated details page that would be
 implemented in #23509. But that's not a requirement. The aggregated
 results table in itself is an improvement.

 Regarding links, there could be "Top 10 Countries" and "Top 10 ASes" links
 next to the existing "Top 10 Relays" link.

 Regarding the implementation, I think that we could start with an
 implementation in Atlas and only consider adding another document type for
 this to Onionoo if the implementation in Atlas does not scale. Atlas would
 request a details document with only the fields to be aggregated and
 displayed in the table, but for all relays. That's a potentially quite
 large document (though it's much smaller when using the fields parameter).
 But it's probably quite easy to cache that on the server and in the
 browser (for different aggregations by country or AS). Atlas would then
 perform all aggregations and subsequent sorting in the browser.

 What do you think? Did I miss anything that makes this feature a lot more
 difficult than it sounds in my description above?

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