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Mon Sep 11 15:44:09 UTC 2017

#23457: prop224: Service descriptor uploads race condition
     Reporter:  dgoulet       |      Owner:  (none)
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     Priority:  Medium        |  Milestone:  Tor: 0.3.2.x-final
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     Severity:  Normal        |   Keywords:  tor-hs, prop224
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 The service gets a new consensus and microdescs fetch happens right after.
 The HS subsystem gets notified that new directory information arrived so
 it should consider a re-upload of its descriptors:

 Sep 07 23:43:01.000 [info] A consensus needs 5 good signatures from
 recognized authorities for us to accept it. This one has 8 (dannenberg
 tor26 longclaw maatuska moria1 dizum gabelmoo Faravahar).
 Sep 07 23:43:02.000 [info] hs_service_dir_info_changed(): New dirinfo
 arrived: consider reuploading descriptor
 Sep 07 23:43:02.000 [info] launch_descriptor_downloads(): Launching 3
 requests for 148 microdescs, 50 at a time

 ... and an upload has been scheduled `now()` for all 6 HSDirs. So far so
 good. Now, the microdescriptors arrive and a second upload is triggered
 because the service hashring changed. Remember that we need mds to
 consider a relay for it to be in the hashring:

 Sep 07 23:43:02.000 [info] handle_response_fetch_microdesc(): Received
 answer to microdescriptor request (status 200, body size 19779) from
 server ''
 Sep 07 23:43:02.000 [info] hs_service_dir_info_changed(): New dirinfo
 arrived: consider reuploading descriptor

 In a two seconds time frame, two uploads were initiated with two different
 revision counters, let's say rev counter 1 and 2. Then, to save you from
 more text and logs, the result is that the 2 was uploaded before the 1
 finishes thus 2>1 so the HSDir will reject it and respond with a 400
 malformed descriptor like so:

 Sep 07 23:43:05.000 [warn] Uploading hidden service descriptor: http
 status 400 ("Invalid HS descriptor. Rejected.") response from dirserver
 '<RELAY>'. Malformed hidden service descriptor?

 The consequence of that is benign that is the HSDir will end up with the
 correct descriptor and client will be able to reach the service. But, we
 end up with this annoying warning in the logs that we can easily prevent
 and ultimately also more load on the network.

 The fix is to cancel all uploads (for the specific descriptor) right
 before trying to upload a new one because that new one will always have a
 higher revision counter.

 We could do something like schedule a new descriptor upload only when all
 requested microdesc have arrived but then that would probably introduce a
 reachability issue which is making a client query the correct HSDir and
 unable to find the service because the service is waiting on getting all
 mds to upload its desc to the new hashring...

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