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#23377: Some reorg suggestion for media.tpo
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 I was checking media.torproject.org to ask to upload some assets and the
 style guideline to it and saw they are already there inside of /images
 folder. thanks!

 I wonder if we could re-org things a little bit. I would suggest to add
 those assets and the style guide to a folder /design-assets and leave
 images there. This way it will be easier for folks to find.

 Should be moved to design-assets:

 [DIR] Donate/

 [DIR] Download/

 [DIR] Onion Icon/

 [DIR] Powered/

 [DIR] Support/

 [DIR] Tor Browser/

 And the style guide pdf file:
 [https://media.torproject.org/image/Tor%20Style%20Guide%20v1.3.pdf Tor
 Style Guide v1.3.pdf]

 I will leave /official-images alone for now, it has some logos but those
 are old files from 2011. So maybe in the future we could actually create
 an archive with the history of tor logos dunno. If we do create some type
 of 'historical archive' we should look at /outdated and see what should go

 I also have no idea what that slide file is:
 [https://media.torproject.org/image/Slides.odp Slides.odp] Should we
 either move it to outdated (now that we have /templates) or delete if
 folks thinks is ok.

 We could also update the readme file from media.tpo root dir to have an
 index of the folders it hosts and a phrase explaining what each folder is

 To help folks find things.

 The readme inside of /images should be updated as well as we are moving
 logos etc out of there. /images should be photos, graphs and screenshots.
 Not necessary design assets for one to use on their app or site.

 And we should have a readme for /design-assets explaining what those are
 and that folks should follow the style guide.

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