[tor-bugs] #24311 [Metrics/Atlas]: Incorrect encoding frontent input -> backend request

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Mon Nov 20 14:05:43 UTC 2017

#24311: Incorrect encoding frontent input -> backend request
 Reporter:  cypherpunks    |          Owner:  metrics-team
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Comment (by karsten):

 Wow, good catch!

 I think we're doing things wrong in at least two places:

 First, Atlas encodes characters using HTML names, for example, `<` as
 `<`. But Onionoo does not decode that, and without decoding this is not
 a valid search parameter value. Hence the 400 status code. Is there a way
 for Atlas to encode characters differently or avoid encoding and just
 include characters like `<` in the request to Onionoo? Otherwise we'd have
 to teach Onionoo how to decode HTML names, and I'm not sure whether that's
 even a good idea.

 Second, Oniono does not decode percent-encoded characters in qualified
 search terms, even though it probably should do that. That means that even
 if Atlas sent over a query like
 Onionoo wouldn't decode it. It would just return an empty result set,
 because there are no contact lines with `%3Cnone%3E`. That's different
 from the `contact` parameter which is decoded correctly.

 (It might be that we just ran into this issue in #21366, but it seems
 related here, too. So, even if Atlas switches from HTML encoding to
 percent encoding, we'd still have to fix this part in Onionoo.)

 Oh well.

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