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#24260: Add metrics timeline events underneath graphs
     Reporter:  karsten          |      Owner:  metrics-team
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     Severity:  Normal           |   Keywords:  ux-team
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 We have been discussing adding metrics timeline events underneath graphs
 for a while now, last in the
 [wiki:org/meetings/2017Montreal/Notes/MetricsTimelineWorkshop Metrics
 timeline workshop in Montreal] and on a
 team/2017-November/000525.html metrics-team@ mailing list thread]. I'm
 moving that thread here, so that we can keep all open discussion points
 together in one place and expand the discussion to folks who are not on
 the team mailing list.

 Here are some mockups that I made based on dcf's suggestions:

  1. Table with three columns:

  2. One line of text per event (plus one line for links):

  3. Indentation with dates set aside and up to three lines per event for
 description, tags, and links:

 Here's some feedback from discussing these mockups with iwakeh at last
 week's team meeting:

  - We might want to rename "Possibly related events" to "Events during
 this time" or just "Events".
  - The third mockup above is most readable.
  - Maybe we can add some optional JavaScript magic that only displays the
 first five entries and that lets the user expand the list if there are
 more entries.
  - Listing entries is all we're planning to do now, though we might add
 annotations to the graph or even mouseovers in the future.

 Some open questions are:
  - Are we going to list all events in the displayed timeframe or just the
 ones that are related to the displayed country, (pluggable) transport, IP
 version, or server type (relay or bridge)?
  - We are adding this list only to the graphs in the Users category,
 because the metrics timeline focuses on those graphs, too, right?
  - Should entries be listed in descending order, like on the News page, or
 in ascending order?

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