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#21222: Main ticket for website redesign project
 Reporter:  isabela           |          Owner:  linda
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Changes (by isabela):

 * reporter:  linda => isabela

Old description:

> = Background =
> Currently, torproject.org has out of date content, inconsistent styling,
> circular navigation, doesn't link to all the torproject-related pages
> (research.torproject.org, for instance), and, in general, is good at
> introducing Tor and giving the download the link to the users (but does
> other things suboptimally).
> We think that torproject.org can do so much more--give developers a
> starting place to land, give tech support to new Tor users, gather people
> that want to be involved in the community, give an overview of Tor
> Project Inc., and much more.
> = Objective =
> The objective is to update torproject.org to be up-to-date, easily
> maintained, and provide useful content to the people that visit it.
> For starters, we want to make torproject.org all about the browser and
> tor project organization, and host other content at dev.torproject.org,
> support.torproject.org, and community.torproject.org. We'll start with
> taking inventory of all the information on the current site, brainstorm
> what content we want on the new site, and try to create a website that
> can provide useful information for various people who want to do more
> than just download the browser.
> = Misc =
> This work will be funded by
> [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pmknfCSWGnVNv9fYdF44nIOV4ThiPKBx9rfAKVP3j2w/edit?usp=sharing
> SIDA] and incorporate work from
> [https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/Website/MainSiteRedesign
> past efforts]. We did some work on the
> [https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/UX/SupportPage support
> page] before this site-wide effort.

New description:

 = Why are doing it? =
 == What problems are we trying to fix? ==
 This project aims to fix a few problems that goes beyond just a redesign
 project. Yes, Tor Project website is not the best thing in the world and
 is a big problem that must be fixed. But that are a few other things that
 are part of this problem, which we can't ignore, which are the different
 fronts working to build what 'Tor Project' is, that is growing and this
 growth is part of the 'website' problem. A lot of information have been
 added to torproject.org over the years without a good organizing system
 for it to scale.

 Here is a list of some problems easily recognizable with the current site:

  * Not localized
  * Too much information at the front page
  * Still hard to find information
  * Hard to add new information (ends up contributing to the mess) and we
 need to add more information because we are growing :) we have a lot to
  * inconsistency with the design

 And we could go on but the point of this doc is not to have a full
 description of all the problems we have just and introduction to set the
 stage for explaining what we are thinking for solution and the steps of
 its implementation.

 = How we will do it? =
 Our solution right now is to create new portals to better organize
 information and also at the same time keep torproject.org simple and easy
 to make it easier for first comers to find their way around into what Tor
 is and how to get/use it.

 So we will be building:

  * torproject.org - with 'new user' as our main audience for this portal
 [of course with easy way to navigate to the other portals:
  * dev.torproject.org - short explanation: "all things related to the
 development of free software projects of Tor Project"
  * community.torproject.org - short explanation: "a umbrella of things
 that are power by our community, or a portal to 'help people help Tor'.
  * support.torproject.org - user support website

 Are we loosing press? FAQs? Donate page? The Blog? No :) the list above
 are the main entrance to all these things. I invite you to read more about
 each of this portal and other work related to this initiative in the
 children tickets (and their children tickets) associated with this
 project. Is a big project and the information written here is a summary of
 the summary ;)

 = Why now? =
 Right now we are with fund and a team to carry this work. And we need to
 do this to enable many other great work at Tor to have infrastructure to
 support their project. We believe that these portals will help a lot of
 groups inside of Tor Project to better provide information about their
 work and therefore receive help to do so.

 = What have we done =
 ''__*'''this part is not done yet'''*
 __''The story of Tor Project website is long! But to cut it short we will
 talk from 2015 - now (EOY 2017)

 This work will be funded by
 SIDA] and incorporate work from
 past efforts]. We did some work on the
 [https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/UX/SupportPage support
 page] before this site-wide effort.

 = What we will use to build it? =
 '''''__*this part is not done yet*__'''''

 = Are we planing to test things? =
 Yes, not only our framework but everything! We hope to do as many research
 and test we can, it will all depend on our bandwidth and resources. Since
 we have been working on building this 'testing' and 'research' steps into
 our processes we already have some stuff in place that can help us carry
 those on. We hope to continue to add  more resources in this front to be
 able to do even more of those in the future!

 This project is actually the first year of a 3 years project where we hope
 to build this user feedback / testing process and have it happening in
 large scale for all the projects we are working on.

 = What about translation? =
 We will localize first:

  * torproject.org
  * support.torproject.org

 The languages we will support are our tier1 languages :

  1. English - EN
  1. Farsi - FA
  1. Spanish - ES
  1. Russian - RU
  1. Simplified Chinese - zh-CN
  1. Portuguese - PT-BR
  1. French - FR
  1. German - DE
  1. Korean - KO
  1. Turkish - TR
  1. Italian - IT
  1. Arabic - AR


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