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Sun Oct 30 17:59:41 UTC 2016

#20500: Distribute as a wheel
     Reporter:  atagar         |      Owner:  atagar
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     Severity:  Minor          |   Keywords:  packaging
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 At PyCon sounded like wheels (*.whl) are the new hotness when it comes to
 distributing python modules...


 Don't think we want to jump on this right away for a few reasons...

 1. Still pretty new. They haven't even reached their 1.x release yet.
 2. Really all we care about is built-in pip support. Not clear all
 versions support wheels.
 3. Requires setuptools. It's kinda nice just needing the builtins.
 4. We don't need any of the capabilities wheel provides. Stem is a simple
 module without any native components.

 That said, if this becomes the standard then once it's universally
 supported we should obviously swap.

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