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Thu Oct 27 19:13:15 UTC 2016

#19459: Write (C++) patch for window resizing parts
 Reporter:  gk                                   |          Owner:
                                                 |  arthuredelstein
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                                                 |  needs_review
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 Keywords:  tbb-torbutton-conversion,            |  Actual Points:
  TorBrowserTeam201610R                          |
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                                                 |  SponsorU

Comment (by mcs):

 Kathy and I reviewed both patches. Here are a few comments on the
 Torbutton patch:
 * In `torbutton_resizelistener.onStateChange`, the container variable can
 be removed.
 * The `extensions.torbutton.startup_resize_period` pref (aka
 `k_tb_tor_resize_warn_pref`) is never set to false and its value is never
 read, so it seems like it can be removed too.
 * Since the call to `quantizeBrowserSize()` was removed, should the entire
 `src/chrome/content/content-sizer.js` file be removed? Or will that
 functionality be reinstated?

 And here are our comments on the browser (C++) patch:
 * Please add a brief comment above
 `nsXULWindow::ResizeToRoundedDimensions()` to explain what it does (1000 x
 1000 maximum, width constrained to a multiple of 200, etc.)
 * `nsXULWindow::ResizeToRoundedDimensions()` should have `return NS_OK` at
 the end.
 * Are we sure that it is okay to remove support for the
 `extensions.torbutton.window.innerWidth` / `innerHeight` prefs? With the
 new patches, there is no way for the user to override the initial window
 size unless they disable fingerprinting protection. That might be okay,
 but I think people who have set these prefs in the past will be surprised.

 A related issue (but not really for this ticket) is that constraining the
 width to a multiple of 200 might be annoying on Android devices that have
 narrow screens (old phones)?

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