[tor-bugs] #20403 [Metrics]: Make it easier for relay operators to find their observed bandwidth

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#20403: Make it easier for relay operators to find their observed bandwidth
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Changes (by tom):

 * cc: atagar (added)


 So depictor (consensus-health) uses stem to get its info, so it's really
 easy for me to include any information here:
 https://stem.torproject.org/api/descriptor/router_status_entry.html   It's
 really difficult to get anything else - downloading descriptors for the
 network would take a _lot_ of time, just downloading the votes and
 consesnsuses takes 10+ minutes.

 I'm a little confused by the terms you're using.  When you say "observed
 bandwidth" do you mean the relay's 'advertised bandwidth' a relay operator
 puts in the config, the unit-less values the bwauths calculate and vote
 on, or a third thing I'm not recalling? (And if it is the third thing,
 where does that get exposed: Consensus, MicroConsensus, Descriptor,
 Microdescriptor, or ExtraInfo?)  And then the same question for "consensus

 Looking closer at the stem documentation, I might have done things wrong
 in #20372 actually. Adding Damian to confirm the below is correct:

 - On a vote .measured is the bwauth's vote for the relay's (unitless)
 bandwidth value
 - On a consensus .measured is the average* of the bwauths votes for the
 relay's (unitless) bandwidth value
 - On a vote or consensus .bandwidth is the _relay's_ advertised bandwidth
 (and is what teor wants available)

 *not really average but let's pretend it is for simplicity

 (Currently, the value on each Authority is the .measured but the value on
 the consensus is .bandwidth - which would be wrong as the consensus would
 be reporting the self-reported advertised bandwidth...)

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