[tor-bugs] #20382 [- Select a component]: atlas doesn't check if all family members list themselves

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Mon Oct 17 14:26:05 UTC 2016

#20382: atlas doesn't check if all family members list themselves
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 (sorry, english isn't my mother tongue, so please excuse my writing)

 As said in title, atlas isn't checking if all family members list
 themselves, so it leads to some ambiguous results, showing relay being
 part of the same family when it's not the case.

 Below a copy/paste from the IRC (nicknames are anonymized as I didn't ask
 permission to paste the log)

 < mickael> Hello, it seems someone is hijacking my family members, what
 can be done against that? I mean: a node pretends to be part of my family
 but it's wrong. I'm running one single middle node, nothing else.
 < nick1> it doesn't matter.
 < nick1> two nodes are only considered a family if they list each other.
 < mickael> Ok, so even if atlas tells we're part of the same family, there
 is no need to worry ?
 < nick1> probably correct.
 < nick2> sounds like an atlas bug
 < nick3> and even if nodes are in same family, I do not see ~any harm in
 < mickael> nick1: thanks, nick2: do you want me to fill a bug report ?
 < nick4> oh in theory there is harm if you ask me, you would be able to
 make the tor network not use the two nodes in a circuit, no?
 < nick2> mickael: that could be helpful!  I don't maintain atlas, so I
 can't guarantee much, but it is probably a good idea.

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