[tor-bugs] #20380 [Metrics/CollecTor]: Expand INSTALL.md to a more complete operator's guide

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Mon Oct 17 09:51:37 UTC 2016

#20380: Expand INSTALL.md to a more complete operator's guide
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 In the last week or two we spent some time on writing more complete
 operator's guides for the various metrics services.  This is for our
 October milestone: "Provide user-friendly documentation that empowers
 users to independently operate CollecTor instances."

 I'll attach the latest operator's guide for CollecTor in a minute.  The
 funny whitespace comes from the document being a LaTeX table with
 commented-out columns for the other metrics services.

 I'd like to put the text from that PDF into the current `INSTALL.md`,
 maybe after reformatting some things in Markdown.

 I'd also like to remove the current `README.md`, because there should be
 just one document telling operators how to use CollecTor, and we can
 probably expect most operators to know how to use `gpg`.


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