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Tue Oct 4 22:52:51 UTC 2016

#20291: Create user experience for security slider on Android (wireframes)
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 We got a small grant to start implementing Tor Button into Orfox and for
 it we plan to also bring the security slider feature.

 We are not bringing the other features from Tor Button just yet. But we do
 have plans to do and have applied for more grant to do so.

 You can find more information about this project and it's roadmap here:



 The attached pdf and OmniGraffle source file were created based on
 multiple conversations during Tor Meeting in Seattle (Sept 2016).

 It shows current user path for general settings and how they get to
 privacy settings.

 It also contains a suggested experience for when we bring Tor Button and
 the Security Slider that follows the standard flow from the application.

 With lack of landscape to work on we had to make some changes such as:

  * horizontal slider - instead of vertical
  * combine both medium options - saved space and it will also be less
 confuse to the user if we just display 'low, medium, high'. (Tor Browser
 Desktop will also make such change)
  * we reorganized the way we present the description of each security
    * presenting a short description giving a highlight of what that level
    * organized each item from previous description into group so the user
 can make the connection of what that action will affect in their

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