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Tue Oct 4 20:30:28 UTC 2016

#20289: HS_DESC event while waiting for upload
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 There is currently a "synthentic" delay before upload hidden-service
 descriptors. It would be nice if there was a "WAITING" (or similar) sub-
 event to the HS_DESC events to tell controllers that.

 For context, txtorcon listens to HS_DESC events when adding a new Onion
 service (either via ADD_ONION or SETCONF) and bubbles this out to txtorcon
 users as "progress" (txtorcon may also decide it needs to launch a new tor
 instance, which is also bubbled out via the same progress API).

 So for the 30 seconds (or whatever) of induced delay, there appears to be
 nothing happening, and then you get 6 "HS_DESC UPLOAD" and (hopefully also
 6) "HS_DESC UPLOADED" sub-events all "near the end".

 It would provide nicer UX to have a "HS_DESC WAITING" (or similar) every
 few seconds.

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