[tor-bugs] #7106 [Core Tor/Tor]: Write "how to be nice to the Tor network" spec

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Sun Oct 2 19:28:04 UTC 2016

#7106: Write "how to be nice to the Tor network" spec
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Comment (by arma):

 I agree with Nick that this is a great topic to work on. First it would
 help for alternative Tor implementations, but second it would bolster our
 habits of documenting and specifying our assumptions (we're already known
 for trying to be detailed and open and transparent, and this would be a
 great further step), and third I bet we would uncover some surprises that
 would make us think harder about ways to improve our design.

 That said, this is the sort of topic that only a few people can do most
 usefully (e.g. Nick and me), since "think about all the assumptions you
 made while designing those parts of Tor, and try to write them down" isn't
 something a new developer can pick up and do by herself. So we should
 think carefully about the timing of a funding proposal for this one, so we
 don't fall into the trap of having funding for three Nicks and being
 surprised and sad that we only have one Nick.

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