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Thu May 26 21:05:57 UTC 2016

#19183: Add sybilhunter's visualisations to Metrics website
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     Severity:  Normal               |  visualization, churn, uptime
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 It would be great to have sybilhunter's [https://nymity.ch/sybilhunting
 /churn-values/slide_2016-01.html churn] and
 uptime] visualisations on the Metrics website. The churn plots are time
 series, just like the ones we already have on Metrics. Uptime
 visualisations are jpeg images. We could have weekly or monthly uptime
 images, and daily churn diagrams.

 Sybilhunter is a Go program that expects as input files that are
 structured like CollecTor's archives. It should be straightforward to run
 it over cron.

 Karsten, I don't know ggplot2. Could you help with plotting the churn
 values? The format is quite simple. Every line represents the churn
 changes for the current consensus, and starts with a timestamp, which is
 then followed by flag-specific churn values in the interval [0, 1].

 As I understand it, at least the following two steps are necessary to
 incorporate both visualisations:

 * Modify `./website/etc/metrics.json`.
 * Write a shell script for the cron job to run.

 Is there anything else we need?

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