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Thu May 19 02:22:42 UTC 2016

#18809: Handle linked connections better during bootstrap
 Reporter:  teor                                 |          Owner:  teor
     Type:  defect                               |         Status:
 Priority:  Medium                               |  merge_ready
Component:  Core Tor/Tor                         |      Milestone:  Tor:
 Severity:  Normal                               |  0.2.8.x-final
 Keywords:  must-fix-before-028-rc,              |        Version:  Tor:
  TorCoreTeam201605, review-group-1,   must-     |
  fix-before-0283                                |     Resolution:
Parent ID:                                       |  Actual Points:  4
 Reviewer:  andrea                               |         Points:  3
                                                 |        Sponsor:
                                                 |  SponsorS-can
Changes (by teor):

 * status:  needs_revision => merge_ready
 * actualpoints:  medium => 4


 Please see my branch bug18809_028 at https://github.com/teor2345/tor.git

 I have added 2 minor changes requested by arma to arma's bug18809_028. I
 also modified and added unit tests, and added a changes file.

 The commits are:
 * d7029ed Stop downloading consensuses when a consensus has been
   * arma's "What about the case where we got a consensus, but we don't
 have the certs yet for verifying it?"
 * 249f39d Changes file for bug 18809
 * 0c23a91 Remove consensus_max_download_tries by refactoring
   * arma's "I was actually thinking of just removing
 consensus_max_download_tries() entirely"
 * 38e52c6 Revert "rip out the unit tests for the functions i removed"
   * arma's "Would you find it easy to add back whichever parts of the unit
 tests you want to keep? Or throw out this last commit and do whatever you
 think is smart?"
   * reverts arma's 507883e
 * 24915a1 Update unit tests for multiple bootstrap connections
   * removes some of the unit tests, fixes others
 * 8e70ca8 Restore and improve download schedule unit tests
   * someone `#if 0`'d out these tests, maybe it was even me!
 * 4ce6a94 fixup! Update unit tests for multiple bootstrap connections
   * that test line actually belongs in the next commit in a different
 * 2cd4b2b Add unit tests for networkstatus_consensus_is_bootstrapping
 * 6a52f0c fixup! fixup! Update unit tests for multiple bootstrap
   * make check-spaces has its revenge

 We should squash this branch and remove the revert and its original before

 (I haven't looked into fixing #19074 yet. And depending on how hard it is,
 we might want to deal with it separately.)

 As the bulk of this patch has had 3 reviews (dgoulet, andrea, teor), and
 arma is busy, I'm throwing it straight to nickm.

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