[tor-bugs] #5430 [Metrics/Atlas]: Add top-10 relays by bandwidth history to Atlas?

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Tue Jun 28 11:25:44 UTC 2016

#5430: Add top-10 relays by bandwidth history to Atlas?
 Reporter:  karsten                           |          Owner:  irl
     Type:  enhancement                       |         Status:
 Priority:  Low                               |  needs_review
Component:  Metrics/Atlas                     |      Milestone:
 Severity:  Normal                            |        Version:
 Keywords:  complete-before-abandoning-globe  |     Resolution:
Parent ID:  #6787                             |  Actual Points:
 Reviewer:                                    |         Points:
                                              |        Sponsor:

Comment (by karsten):

 Replying to [comment:19 irl]:
 > If you know of any way of allowing me to force push rebased branches to
 my user git repo on git.tpo, please let me know.

 Hmm, it's the first time I hear that it's not working.  Can you paste the
 command and result of that command from trying?

 A possible workaround would be to commit subsequent patches with
 `--squash` or `--rebase` and ask the maintainer to simply squash those
 commits when merging.

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