[tor-bugs] #19513 [User Experience]: Ex-CIA inside Tor. You need to write a blog about this.

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#19513: Ex-CIA inside Tor. You need to write a blog about this.
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Comment (by ikurua22):

 > Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
 > "Your message was deemed inappropriate by the moderator."

 What? Really, Tor?
 So you think hiding this info and let people forget about it is OK?

 Dear these people, if you have a little morality, please
 consider posting a public statement about this to your official
 Tor Project Blog.

 asn: George Kadianakis
 atagar: Damian Johnson
 athena: Andrea Shepard
 DaveC1: David Chasteen
 gamambel: Moritz Bartl
 helix: Erinn Clark
 ioerror: Jacob Appelbaum
 infinity0: Ximin Luo
 isis: Isis Agora Lovecruft
 Julius23: Julius Mittenzwei
 Lunar^: Lunar
 mikeperry: Mike Perry
 mrphs: Nima Fatemi
 puffin: Karen Reilly
 Phoul: Colin Childs
 qbi: Jens Kubieziel
 Runa: Runa Sandvik
 sekritarma: Roger Dingledine
 sysrqb: Matt Finkel
 weasel: Peter Palfrader
 yawning: Yawning

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