[tor-bugs] #19348 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Windows %BUILD_TARGET% changed in Tor Browser 6.0

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Wed Jun 8 12:51:04 UTC 2016

#19348: Windows %BUILD_TARGET% changed in Tor Browser 6.0
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 In previous Tor Browser releases, the %BUILD_TARGET% used in the updater
 URL in Windows versions was `WINNT_x86-gcc3`. In Tor Browser 6.0, this
 changed to `WINNT_x86-gcc3-x64`, which broke our updater URLs.

 A quick fix was to apply this patch, and regenerate the .htacess we use to
 deliver the update manifests:
 diff --git a/tools/update-responses/config.yml b/tools/update-
 index 5e4d463f9262..4595544ec21e 100644
 --- a/tools/update-responses/config.yml
 +++ b/tools/update-responses/config.yml
 @@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ download:
      linux32: Linux_x86-gcc3
      linux64: Linux_x86_64-gcc3
 -    win32: WINNT_x86-gcc3
 +    win32: WINNT_x86-gcc3(-x64)?
      osx32: Darwin_x86-gcc3
      osx64: Darwin_x86_64-gcc3

 However this change breaks the `check_update_responses_deployement`
 command, which uses the build_targets values in test URLs (without
 expecting them to be regexps), so other changes are required to fix that

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