[tor-bugs] #19302 [- Select a component]: Send ed25519 IDs in EXTEND2 cells

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Mon Jun 6 15:52:03 UTC 2016

#19302: Send ed25519 IDs in EXTEND2 cells
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 Once we have #19301 complete, we can update clients to generate circuits
 using ed25519 identities.

 We'll have to actually store the ed25519 identity in the extend_cell_t
 when we make in .

 We'll have to encode it as part of extend_cell_format.

 We'll have to decide whether to use it: it's only okay to send the ed25519
 ID when both servers support the new link handshake.

 We can enable this with a tristate, for testing, and to make sure that
 this turns on for a big pile of clients at once.

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