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Thu Jun 2 16:12:52 UTC 2016

#19248: Redirect email aliases
     Reporter:  atagar                             |      Owner:  weasel
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 Hi Peter, tried discussing this a few times now on tor-internal@ but the
 thread keeps going quiet so moving this to a ticket.

 Short term I'd like for us to redirect the email aliases back to tor-
 assistants@ so people sending support requests get a bounce rather than a
 black hole. Medium to long term we should, of course, figure out our plan
 for these aliases...

 * abuse@
 * security@
 * tor-webmaster@
 * tor-mumble-group@
 * tor-xmpp-group@
 * gsoc2016@ => taken care of on #19059
 * tor-volunteer@
 * tor-ops@
 * trademarks@
 * tordnsel@
 * exitlist@

 tor-ops@ is the main source of traffic and as mentioned on the thread I'm
 perfectly happy to drop the alias. In fact, I'd argue we should drop all
 of these we can't find a new owner and destination for.

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