[tor-bugs] #13171 [meek]: meek's reflector should forward the client's IP address/port to the bridge.

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Fri Jan 22 19:02:56 UTC 2016

#13171: meek's reflector should forward the client's IP address/port to the bridge.
 Reporter:  yawning      |          Owner:  dcf
     Type:  enhancement  |         Status:  closed
 Priority:  Medium       |      Milestone:
Component:  meek         |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal       |     Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:               |  Actual Points:
Parent ID:               |         Points:
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Comment (by dcf):

 Here is an updated graph, this time including cn in addition to us. The
 three vertical lines show the dates when the azure, google, and amazon
 bridges merged this patch in order.

 I'm confused by why the cn line is pretty much flat since the merging of
 this patch. When I look at the dirreq stats for these bridges, about 12%
 of requests come from cn. Not sure why it's not reflected in the graph.


 data <- read.csv("clients.csv", colClasses=c(date="Date"))
 data$key <- ifelse(data$node=="bridge"&data$country=="us", "us",
         ifelse(data$node=="bridge"&data$country=="cn", "cn",
         ifelse(data$node=="bridge"&data$transport=="meek", "meek", NA)))
 p <- ggplot(data[!is.na(data$key), ], aes(date, clients, color=key)) +
         geom_line() +
         geom_vline(xintercept=as.numeric(as.Date("2015-12-14"), "UTC")) +
         geom_vline(xintercept=as.numeric(as.Date("2015-12-20"), "UTC")) +
         geom_vline(xintercept=as.numeric(as.Date("2016-01-11"), "UTC")) +
 as.Date("2016-01-22")), ylim=c(0, 7500))
 ggsave("meek-clients-2016-01-22.png", p, width=6, height=4, dpi=90)

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