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#18361: Issues with corporate censorship and mass surveillance
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Comment (by jgrahamc):

 The ability to whitelist Tor exit nodes has been rolled out but not
 announced yet (the marketing/support folks need to write up the
 documentation etc.) but I've enabled it on one of my domains and not on
 another so that people can test.

 http://plan28.org: Tor exit nodes are whitelisted

 http://jgc.org: Tor exit nodes are not whitelisted (CloudFlare default

 So, you should see no CAPTCHAs on plan28.org but CAPTCHAs on jgc.org. You
 should only get a CAPTCHA the first time you visit jgc.org unless you use
 a new Tor identity. Appreciate bug reports; I've been testing using the
 TorBrowser and repeatedly switching to a new circuit and it seems OK but
 this is very beta right now.

 If you do see a CAPTCHA when switching circuits it would be handy to know
 the IP address of the exit node and the UTC time so I can see if it's
 caused by a bug or us not having an up to date list of exit nodes.

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