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#18361: Issues with corporate censorship and mass surveillance
 Reporter:  ioerror                       |          Owner:  tbb-team
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Comment (by ioerror):

 Replying to [comment:135 jgrahamc]:
 > Replying to [comment:133 ioerror]:
 > > You don't have other threat scores for other IP addresses? You could
 look at the country wide proxy list that Wikipedia keeps for X-Forwarded-
 For style proxies - for example. Though I'm surprised - you don't have
 *any* data on carrier grade NAT IP ranges?
 > Nope. We do not have special treatment for groups of IP addresses other
 than Tor and only for Tor because of widespread complaints from Tor users.
 We have scores and data for individual IP addresses.

 OK - but for example - VPN services - or the Wikipedia X-Forwarded-For IP
 ranges - what data do you have on those? Do you see a threat score that is
 higher than really large Tor exit nodes used by millions of people
 (machines, bots, actual people, etc) daily?

 > > We publish a great deal of data in a privacy preserving manner:
 > Thanks

 Sure, you're welcome - you can probably do neat metrics data comparisons
 too. Especially during censorship events, I expect you'll see interesting

 > > Could you please make some comparisons of the abuse in question? Is
 CloudFlare really just using Project Honeynet data here?
 > We are not just using Project Honeypot but it's an input. I'm using it
 here because all of us can look at their data and draw conclusions about
 any IP address or group of IP addresses.

 It is hard to address abuse if we cannot understand what that word means.
 I think Project Honeypot data is more of an art than a just process or
 even a fully explained science. If that is the only bit of data we'll see,
 I'm quite unhappy as it is effectively "trust us" as an answer.

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