[tor-bugs] #18241 [Tor]: Assert that the event_base is initialized before using it.

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Fri Feb 5 03:31:51 UTC 2016

#18241: Assert that the event_base is initialized before using it.
 Reporter:  nickm              |          Owner:  nickm
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Comment (by teor):

 It turns out that the log mutex isn't initialised the first time logv() is
 This causes logv to fail a tor_assert in LOCK_LOGS(), which calls

 Please see my branch check_log_mutex for:
 * the check that exposes this issue,
 * further checks that ensure we don't log when SMARTLIST_DEBUG is defined,
 * a change to the initialiser order so we init logs first (should we do
 this in tor, too?)

 I needed to cherry-pick 1bac468882fd732460d8a25735131d632f977bfe to get
 this branch to work.

 tor_mutex_init() can still call tor_assert if it fails, so the possibility
 of this stack overflow still exists when we're initialising the log mutex
 What do you want to do about that one?

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