[tor-bugs] #9268 [TorBrowserButton]: Resizing the browser window does not take size of taskbars and DPI into account

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#9268: Resizing the browser window does not take size of taskbars and DPI into
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Comment (by cypherpunks):

 >For instance, in which cases should the outerHeight and the innerHeight
 be equal? You hint at maximized windows. But even there you have browser
 chrome (toolbars etc.). Maybe you mean fullscreen mode? But even then Tor
 Browser is never starting in fullscreen mode nor with missing browser
 chrome. At least I can currently not think of a use-case in which it would
 do that.

 The outerHeight and the innerHeight be equal if Firefox using gtk widget,
 for maximized and normal windowState.

 >And I don't understand the no window case either. If we have no window
 then there are window properties either.

 It happens for
 first call] of torbutton_resize_window(win).  Browser reports both
 window.mozInnerScreenY and window.screenY are zero.

 > What's that fancy kludge thingy for?

 For gnome, I believe.

 >Is there something in the Mozilla code that makes you believe there is
 such kind of randomness?
 It doesn't adds height of title bar to window.outerHeight. It's probably
 lack of usage gtk api, however?

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