[tor-bugs] #11343 [Tor Launcher]: TorLauncher's UI should warn users when a bridge fingerprint appears to be incomplete

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#11343: TorLauncher's UI should warn users when a bridge fingerprint appears to be
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:5 cypherpunks]:
 > When making a decision as to whether most or some Tor Launcher bridges
 UI users may prefer (be able) to copy/paste bridge configuration info,
 please keep in mind that there are scenarios, such as with Tails, where
 the user is not online, and does not have any means to copy / paste this
 information from anywhere, but just has to enter it manually.

 Good point.  I am worried that any manual entry scenario will be
 challenging for non-expert users, but I am not sure how best to address
 the problem (for example, it will be very easy to make a typo in the

 > Please also keep in mind that the average user does not understand "does
 not parse", "key digest" nor "controller gave us config lines that didn't
 validate", and is not necessarily aware that scrolling to the very end of
 a lengthy log can be necessary to understand the cause of an error (nor
 may she be used to and comfortable with looking at and trying to interpret
 log files at all).

 Understood.  The point of my previous comment is that the information
 necessary to determine what went wrong is available (but maybe in a form
 that is only helpful to help desk people and other experts).  I think
 there is a lot of room for improvement in our error reporting.

 > It is nice to see that much effort has been put into making things
 somewhat accessible while still remaining forward compatible - but my
 personal view is that the current interface is just not good enough for
 the average, non technical user, from a usability perspective.

 Fair enough.  I know there was some brainstorming/discussion at the recent
 winter dev meeting regarding the entire flow of how a user acquires and
 uses bridges.

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