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#11334: Faster Weight Loss With Natural Ultra Colon Cleanse
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 '''and fight talk too much during mealtime this is time of''' worship and
 celebration that's why safe route patterns but make sure when you sit down
 to eat particularly in the weight loss or disease healing I modalities
 that you are sitting now Cali and peacefully with flu that is delicious
 right and fresh so that you can really into the process and she looked
 really well and processing and sit there and enjoy and make sure you
 '''[http://ultracoloncleansesaustralia.com/ ultra colon cleanse]''' have
 enough oranges apples bananas celery salad thetas whatever it is that
 you're eating make sure they have enough mandarins are in season right now
 my family.

 '''I myself my two daughters my brother we sat down we had''' a mandarin
 party know that’s how I like to roll we ate all that matters sorry work
 got big box of them it was awesome that's what I'm talking about that's a
 real party right there here and now so call you year usually thank you
 with your neck ah thank you see artist I because okay I stairs ok air shot
 shiny ok where ok yap our or I or act Greek or mark how work unique up
 okay any I sheer feel here I yeah are national debt I I’ve had a
 consultation with the gentleman today who saying let's go out and you know
 someone who's been wrought lose weight feel better hey let's go out to get
 turkey and potatoes and no you know and then they just go for an aids all
 friends they want you to join them and they’re always burgers and fries
 and cherry pies and coca-cola on cocaine and marijuana and cigarettes and
 beer now online.

 '''and fish cheesy bread and eggs and everything else that's''' all good
 there's nothing wrong with anything but if you want to lose weight if you
 want you love a chronic disease which is like everybody and you don't get
 it till you get let's eat for me it's like my little friends they still
 all get high and I got a life to live I got to I wanton connect deeply
 with got so it's cool I'll think it’s wrong to smoke weed and drink beer
 and store cocaine if you want to do that kind of thing.

 '''but I think that if you want to get healthy and make''' healthier
 ovulate the spiritual life and like really get back to this world if you
 go holes in your or off from all the drugs and alcohol then you can really
 feel yourself or up only I'll weekend and HA Nazis brothers light
 cheeseburgers your now or whoever whatever I okay cool if you want to get
 rid a lot I’ll our I'll our other okay all Mary hey yes someone else have
 this year some others have it so we need to let go love I know that people
 do look for comfort they do look for balance it's okay this is what you
 want to do you go two-steps forward you take a step back you go two steps
 forward to take a step back sometimes to us Tracy has weed is she an angle
 four steps forward for a halfback so yeah is two steps forward one step
 back just keeping balance moving ahead planning out making your goal
 setting your intentions and following through are you go on as even day
 juice fast just make it happen you know if you fail you get back up to do
 it again you look at why you fail and then you make sure it is awareness
 that stinks you always pay attention Dal-Tile close yourself off when you
 ‘redoing what you thinking don't want to be doing you don’t want to go to
 sleep you want a detention okay I'm going to the rest of why am I going
 tithe restaurant this is an old habit denim asset he for its investors I’m
 going to Wendy's to get a chicken Greg why it's happening you need to look
 and see why are you making the decisions you ‘remaking what led up to it I
 really stressed right now you know whatever it is..

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