[tor-bugs] #11177 [Tor Support]: Extract “time to reply” from the RT database

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Thu Mar 27 12:40:50 UTC 2014

#11177: Extract “time to reply” from the RT database
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Comment (by karsten):

 See the attached file for a first attempt.  I reduced the number of
 intervals to seven, with intervals being between 1.5 and 2.0 times as long
 as previous intervals.  The main reason is that we can display the
 impressive number of replies between 0 to 4 hours by doing so.  However,
 that's a risky strategy, because the graph will look less impressive if
 that number is lower.

 I could also imagine picking different intervals.  For example, 0 to 8
 hours, 8 to 24 hours, 1 to 2 days, 2 to 4 days, 4 days to 1 week, more
 than 1 week.  (Again, intervals are 1.5 to 2.0 times as long as previous

 Or we could pick intervals of same length, like 0 to 1 days, 1 to 2 days,
 2 to 3 days, etc. with the last interval being more than 7 days.

 Changing interval lengths is trivial: simply edit `breaks` and `labels` in
 lines 17 and 18.

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