[tor-bugs] #11195 [Atlas]: link to relay descriptor from globe / atlas?

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Mon Mar 17 19:59:28 UTC 2014

#11195: link to relay descriptor from globe / atlas?
     Reporter:  arma    |      Owner:  phw
         Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
     Priority:  normal  |  Milestone:
    Component:  Atlas   |    Version:
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Comment (by rndm):

 I added `bandwidth_rate`, `bandwidth_burst` and `observed_bandwidth` to
 globe (branch #trac-11195 example [1]) and globe-node (example [2]).

 I agree with phw to "hide" the information by default. It's hidden until a
 user clicks a button to reveal more data.

 [2] https://globe-

 If everything is ok and works as expected I'm going to merge the branch
 into master and draft a new release.

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