[tor-bugs] #11211 [Tor]: Multiple ServerTransportListenAddr entries should be allowed per transport.

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#11211: Multiple ServerTransportListenAddr entries should be allowed per transport.
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 Looking through or/config.c, it is apparent that the
 ServerTransportListenAddr line only allows one address/port to be
 specified per transport.  This is problematic because there are cases
 where it is beneficial/required to list more than one.

 A simple example of where this would be useful is:
 ServerTransportListenAddr obfs3
 ServerTransportListenAddr obfs3 [::]:443

 The Pluggable Transport spec doesn't explicitly disallow having multiple
 bind addresses for TOR_PT_SERVER_BIND_ADDR, but I'm not sure what would
 happen if more than one is passed with each of the pt config protocol
 libraries in use.

     The keys holding transport names must appear on the same order
     as they appear on TOR_PT_SERVER_TRANSPORTS.

 Currently the particular example I used is probably a moot point because
 of #7961, but in general I don't see a good reason why each transport
 should be limited to one bind address.

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