[tor-bugs] #10418 [Tor Launcher]: Make a "Use Default Bridges" Radio button in the Tor Launcher Bridge UI

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Fri Mar 7 14:15:10 UTC 2014

#10418: Make a "Use Default Bridges" Radio button in the Tor Launcher Bridge UI
     Reporter:  mikeperry     |      Owner:  brade
         Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  reopened
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Comment (by asn):

 Replying to [comment:40 brade]:
 > Replying to [comment:39 mcs]:
 > > I wonder if there is a race inside tor between starting the client
 transport plugins and trying to use the bridges?  As we discussed, when
 default bridges are configured, Tor Launcher always starts tor with
 DisableNetwork=1.  Then it does a SETCONF to set UseBridges=1 and to
 configure the bridges (Bridge=<list>).  Then it does a second SETCONF with
 > We did a little more investigation and learned that the "can't find a
 pluggable transport proxy
 > supporting 'obfs3'" warnings are emitted by tor even if tor is started
 with networking enabled and if no SETCONF commands are issued by Tor
 > Interestingly, if we remove cached-descriptors and cached-
 descriptors.new before starting TBB, those warnings are not emitted by
 > Here are some steps to reproduce the problem just by running tor at the
 command line.

 Thanks for the reproducible instructions. I did a bit of debugging on
 this. It can be found in #11156.

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