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Wed Mar 5 21:28:01 UTC 2014

#11139: BridgeDB's email whitelist should include @riseup.net
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 Yahoo accounts go for $0.005 USD apiece, and Google accounts
 [https://buyaccs.com/en/ go for $0.10 USD apiece]. I tried to buy a
 [https://www.riseup.net Riseup!] account today, to see how much it costs,
 and failed. Then I tried to buy invite codes to make an account. I
 couldn't do that either, though I did find
 hoGYCQ&hl=de&ct=clnk two sketchoids on sinister.ly] (a "closed forum") who
 were offering Riseup! invites for "50 SP". I then tried find out what
 currency "SP" was, only to realise that it is some point system on

 When I pointed out that forum posting to the birds in
 irc.indymedia.org#riseup, they quickly banned the user. They also said
 they would be glad to have `@riseup.net` accounts supported by BridgeDB.

 In short, I can't give you a price in USD, so I don't have
 [http://theproofistrivial.com a proof]. But I can say that I was not able
 to get a Riseup! account on the black market, ergo doing so must be some
 non-trivial task.

 I propose we whitelist `@riseup.net`. Dissenters, anyone?

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