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Wed Jul 31 14:47:12 UTC 2013

#7844: No instructions for how to run a local Atlas web server
 Reporter:  evjan        |          Owner:  hellais     
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Comment(by phw):

 Replying to [comment:4 karsten]:

 > I wonder, should we even mention Tornado in the installation
 instructions?  For development purposes it's sufficient to use a URL like
 `file:///Users/karsten/src/atlas/index.html`, and the deployed Atlas uses
 Apache, not Tornado.  I'd say it's fine to remove Tornado and suggest the
 `file:///` URL or a web server of choice with the Atlas directory as
 document root.

 I think that's an even better solution. It would also "fix" #9085. The
 `file:///` path only seems to work with Firefox, though. Chrome says that
 "Cross origin requests are only supported for HTTP". Either way, it's
 probably unnecessary to ship a web server together with the code.

 > phw, if you're trying to remove "TorStatus" instances from the code,
 also run: `git grep "Tor Status"`

 Yes, I can take care of that. I guess it would also make sense to change
 the logo from "TorStatus" to "Atlas". At least I found the dual naming to
 be confusing in the beginning.

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