[tor-bugs] #7167 [Pluggable transport]: Combine traffic obfuscation with address diversity of flash proxy

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Mon Jul 29 10:07:57 UTC 2013

#7167: Combine traffic obfuscation with address diversity of flash proxy
 Reporter:  karsten                      |          Owner:  asn         
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Component:  Pluggable transport          |        Version:              
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Comment(by asn):

 Replying to [comment:17 dcf]:
 > One thing we didn't think about was the flash proxy facilitator. The
 reason you have to run your own flash proxy in the instructions above is
 that the facilitator doesn't know that it needs to give a obfs3-in-
 websocket relay to proxies that are serving certain clients. Obviously
 connecting to the plain websocket relay that the facilitator uses now,
 won't work. We need to think of a way to allow a client to say that it
 wants to connect to a different kind of relay. Like client registration
 messages, which currently only contain the client IP and port, could also
 contain the nested protocols the client wants to use. The facilitator
 would check to see if it knows of any relays having that nesting, and
 reply to proxies with an appropriate relay. I have some previous thinking
 along these lines in comment:2:ticket:5578, comment:5:ticket:7944.

 Opened #9349 for this task.

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