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#9301: add advertised bandwidth
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Comment(by hsn):

 I checked onionoo data directly. You seems to be right with your atlas
 formula, there is one huge difference between onionoo data and torstatus

 Bandwidth (Max/Burst/__Observed__ - In Bps):         1073741824 /
 1073741824 / __7031__


 torstatus shows real traffic reported by relay in __observed_bandwidth__,
 oo shows value assigned by bw authority based on bw weight assigned. If i
 look into ''cached-descriptors'' then torstatus report value from this
 file. Value "observed_bandwidth" from oo can not be found in any cached*
 file. since its new relay it never had that much traffic.

 So question is where onionoo observed_bandwidth comes from?

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