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#9320: Assign bandwidth to new relays faster
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 Tor is very unfriendly to short time running relays. It takes too much
 time until relay starts to pull some real workload. Currently there is no
 point in running relay for short time (few hours) and maintaining long
 uptime (as few restarts as possible) is critical for getting bw assigned
 by authorities.

 example: fresh new relay with 1d4h uptime and 100mbit bw gets assigned too
 little bw wieght (around 350KB/s) and even with that, it gets in first day
 about 400 MB of traffic in each direction. It takes about 6 hours until bw
 of new relay get measured and even after that, it gets assigned very
 little % of its real weight.

 This is topic "why i get so little bw" is often asked on IRC.

 look at tor status -
 http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/index.php?SR=Uptime&SO=Desc about 1/4 of
 relays has < 1 day uptime. It would be good to make their available bw
 really used.

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