[tor-bugs] #9317 [BridgeDB]: bridgedb's logger should gather metrics/statistics automatically

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Tue Jul 23 23:10:44 UTC 2013

#9317: bridgedb's logger should gather metrics/statistics automatically
 Reporter:  isis                            |          Owner:  isis
     Type:  enhancement                     |         Status:  new 
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Component:  BridgeDB                        |        Version:      
 Keywords:  logging,metrics,thread,context  |         Parent:      
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 While writing bridgedb's logger, I made a context manager for storing a
 state dictionary which is, so far rather loosely defined, but it would
 allow us to gather free statistics on bridgedb. Essentially, you would use
 it like so:

 from bridgedb import log as logging
 logging.callWithContext(myfoocontext, {'addBridgeAssignment': foobridge})

 It is also safely threadable, so it would be possible to use this to
 retrieve debugging information from threads, for instance for #5232.

 The nice thing about this is that it is easily called from the logger (and
 will still handles log levels and all the other added features from
 #9199). The bad thing is that if it is not written very clearly, it could
 be difficult for other/new people reading the code to understand,
 especially if they are not familiar with Twisted.

 Part of this was also discussed between myself and Karsten on tor-
 assistants at lists.tpo, earlier this month, in the "BridgeDB data for
 metrics" thread.

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