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Tue Jul 23 12:04:05 UTC 2013

#9310: make LDAP account for Matt, please pretty please
 Reporter:  isis               |          Owner:  weasel
     Type:  task               |         Status:  new   
 Priority:  normal             |      Milestone:        
Component:  Tor Sysadmin Team  |        Version:        
 Keywords:  ldap,git,gitweb    |         Parent:        
   Points:                     |   Actualpoints:        
 Matt and I have both been working on bridgedb, and mainly using github for
 hosting our code. It would be great if they had LDAP access, and if they
 could have their own personal git repo for bridgedb on git.tpo.

 They mentioned the possibility of making a new GPG key after the dev
 meeting. I have verified their GPG key with the following fingerprints:
 ∃!isisⒶwintermute:(master *)~ ∴ gpg --list-keys --fingerprint
 --fingerprint 017DD169EA793BE2
 pub   4096R/017DD169EA793BE2 2013-04-25 [expires: 2016-04-24]
       Key fingerprint = BEA0 0014 A62D FAE3 BE13  C21A 017D D169 EA79 3BE2
 uid               [ unknown] Matthew Finkel <Matthew.Finkel at gmail.com>
 sub   4096R/5E321945C608BC8B 2013-04-25 [expires: 2016-04-24]
       Key fingerprint = 9A08 3756 8793 8473 BDCF  9544 5E32 1945 C608 BC8B

 Matt has helped out quite a bit recently with research on improvements to
 bridgedb, and discussing various research papers with me both in tickets
 and on IRC. There are also
 patches] from them in bridgedb. If it counts for extra brownie points,
 they also attended the 2013 summer dev meeting, and I think they are great
 to work with both in person and on IRC.

 @Matt: If you want to swap keys/nicks/whatever, you may want to do that
 now to avoid later key rotation pain. You'll want to fill out the
 following information, "as you would like it to appear in the LDAP
 preferred username:
 first/middle/last name:
 forwarding email address:
 gpg key fingerprint:
 preferred shell:

 @weasel: So, for repos, we need two new repos, please pretty please:
 repo users/<insert_name>/bridgedb.git
     RW+ = <insert_name>
     R   = all

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