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#8487: Allow back-dooring oneself
 Reporter:  bastik       |          Owner:  ioerror
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Comment(by sukhbir):

 > Gmail and Tor just won't work for me, so I can't use TorBirdy because it
 gets used for every account. I can not exclude a domain form being passed
 though Tor. I assume that excluding specific accounts is quite difficult
 so I don't ask for this.

 Have you looked at [wiki:torbirdy#TorBirdywithGmail TorBirdy with Gmail]?

 > I also would like to fetch updates without using Tor (to reduce the load
 on the Tor network). I also don't want to put Gmail through Tor because of
 the traffic it might generate. I for myself don't require such an level of
 > This could work on the domain level, by not restoring/resetting the
 network setting where I can exclude domains. Obviously allowing for back-
 dooring oneself is risky, so if you consider this put a big warning on
 such a thing.
 > It's bad that some things don't work (Gmail and Tor), but I'd still like
 to be able to use the other properties TorBirdy provides.

 The closest thing that I can think of that fits your use case scenarios is
 the `Transparent Torification` mode in TorBirdy 0.1.1 (latest stable
 release). It is for cases where you would want to run TorBirdy in
 "transparent" mode, i.e. the network settings are cleared and all other
 TorBirdy privacy settings remain. This is useful if you do not wish to use
 certain accounts with TorBirdy, so you switch on "Transparent
 Torification" (in TorBirdy's preferences, Proxy Settings) and then no
 traffic passes through Tor as the proxy settings are cleared. You can use
 it for things like updates, Gmail, etc.

 Does this sound useful? Also, some users use different profiles -- one
 with TorBirdy and one without and they report that this works fine. This
 is also something that fits what you are looking for. More
 [http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.network.tor.user/26007 here].

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