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#2541: Prepare metrics for IPv6
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Changes (by karsten):

  * status:  new => closed
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 The tasks listed in this ticket are either already done or are irrelevant
 by now.  In more detail:

 > - Tor, geoip database: Directory mirrors count directory requests and
 resolve the connecting IP addresses to country codes. We use Maxmind's
 IPv4-based geoip database for this task. Part of the IPv6 integration
 involves comparing Maxmind's IPv6 database to other databases.

 tor ships with an IPv6 GeoIP database since, released
 November 13, 2012.

 > - metrics-db, bridge descriptor sanitizer: We remove all sensitive
 information from bridge descriptors before publishing them. As part of
 this process we replace IP addresses with a cryptographic hash value based
 on the original IP address. We'll have to think about whether we can
 simply extend this algorithm, or if that reveals too much about our

 metrics-db sanitizes IPv6 bridge addresses since January 16, 2012.

 > - metrics-web, relay search: Our relay search supports lookups by IPv4
 address which needs to be extended. It's unclear how well IPv6 is
 supported by PostgreSQL and by our database schema in particular.

 The current relay-search implementation is too tightly coupled to metrics-
 web's tordir database to make this change.  We have a GSoC student working
 on a new relay-search implementation which should support IPv6 relay
 addresses.  But there's nothing we can (realistically) do about IPv6
 support for the current relay-search code.

 > - ExoneraTor: We have a web page, a Java application, and a Python
 script that allow looking up whether an IP address was registered as relay
 in the Tor network at a given time.

 The web version of ExoneraTor supports looking up relays by IPv6 address
 since December 11, 2012.  The Java and Python version didn't see an update
 since November 2010 and should be considered unmaintained by now.

 > - VisiTor: We have a Java application and a Python script to parse web
 server logs to find out what fraction of requests came from Tor users.

 VisiTor didn't see an update since January 2011 and should be considered
 unmaintained by now.

 > - Exit lists: We need a new exit list format with IPv6 support for
 VisiTor and maybe in the future for ExoneraTor, too.

 This is out of scope for metrics.  Once TorDNSEL or TorBEL produces lists
 with IPv6 addresses, we should open a new ticket to use IPv6 addresses in
 various metrics tools.

 Closing as implemented, which applies to the majority of tasks.

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