[tor-bugs] #9258 [Tor]: Breaks in non-obvious ways when control socket path has no slashes

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Mon Jul 15 08:45:01 UTC 2013

#9258: Breaks in non-obvious ways when control socket path has no slashes
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 I made a torrc and I wanted to run tor with it but it didn't work and
 didn't say why:
 e255:weasel at defiant:~/tmp/tor$ tor -f torrc
 Jul 15 10:39:06.382 [notice] Tor v0.2.4.14-alpha (git-da7587e870f422a6)
 running on Linux with Libevent 2.0.19-stable and OpenSSL 1.0.1e.
 Jul 15 10:39:06.382 [notice] Tor can't help you if you use it wrong! Learn
 how to be safe at https://www.torproject.org/download/download#warning
 Jul 15 10:39:06.383 [notice] This version is not a stable Tor release.
 Expect more bugs than usual.
 Jul 15 10:39:06.383 [notice] Read configuration file
 Jul 15 10:39:06.390 [notice] Opening Socks listener on
 Jul 15 10:39:06.390 [notice] Closing partially-constructed Socks listener
 Jul 15 10:39:06.391 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Failed to bind
 one of the listener ports.
 Jul 15 10:39:06.391 [err] Reading config failed--see warnings above.

 My torrc:
 DataDirectory .
 SocksPort 9913
 PidFile pid
 log debug stderr
 SafeLogging 0
 ControlSocket sock
 StrictNodes 1

 Turns out that in get_parent_directory, called via
 the path "sock" gets rejected, but nobody bothers logging about it.

 connection_listener_new returns a NULL conn and we tear down stuff again.

 It works if I specify {{{ControlSocket ./sock}}}.

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